Foosler is a small team working out of Vancouver, Canada.  We noticed that manipulative freemium bullshit was sending the market to a bad place.  So we built a backend capable of making things better.  The end result was Foosler, a backend system that allows the integration of skill based cash tournaments into a wide variety of mobile games.

With our service, game developers will be able to make the game they want without pushing everyone to buy virtual goods.  More importantly, users will be able to play full-fledged, free games without pay walls, pay to win or any other god awful money making tactics.

Right Now

We have launched our flagship product in 3 games we've made ourselves.  Right now, we're all about refining the user experience and gaining adoption.

The Next Step

Our launch product is Android only but the next iteration will be Unity based (coming soon!) and will open our SDK to all game developers. This SDK will allow for easy integration of our cash tournament system into almost any game. We hope to be the definitive alternative to freemium. We are going to make game developers and players friends again.

If you're interested in receiving updates about our SDK you can check out our blog, follow us on twitter, e-mail us directly, or enter your e-mail on our "How it Works" page.