On the surface, skill gaming sounds a lot like gambling, we know this. But there is a very distinct difference between games of chance (gambling) and games of skill (Foosler).  In all Foosler tournaments, every single player is given the same board, removing chance from the equation.  Thanks to our system, every player can be assured that they were on equal footing.  Score is determined exclusively by skill.


Download a game that has been integrated with Foosler. Play it to your heart's content! Fall in love. If you want, you can enter a cash tournament based on the game - you were actually practicing this whole time.

To win cash, you pay an entry fee, play a typical level of the game and your score will determine the cash prize you receive. Finish in the top 3rd and you will win cash.

In short, make money playing the games you love.


Develop Your Game

The game concepts that made you become a game developer can't survive contact with freemium. We're providing a way out - a way to make games that don't lose their soul in order for you to make a living. We believe that gamers should be delighted to support your game.

Foosler SDK Integration

Integration with the Foosler SDK is as simple as an item in your main menu and a handful of API calls. Once complete, all Foosler users will be able to sign-in through your game, enter cash tournaments and start supporting your game in a way that you're both happy with.

Everyone Makes Money

Foosler allows players to receive a tangible reward for playing your game - it provides a way for them to support awesome games and make some money on the side. A portion of every entry fee goes to you, the game developer, and the rest goes into a big pot that is redistributed to the players when the tournament ends.