Foosler is making it possible to make money playing the games you love.

Achievements are fun. Leaderboards give you something to shoot for. With Foosler, the achievements are real and leaderboards give cash prizes.

Compete on Foosler, the indie skill gaming platform, where 1 in 3 win, and every tournament has guaranteed prizes!

Brick Crackersandroid

The name says it all - crack the bricks to get points! You can only take out bricks in groups of 2 or more. Good, quick moves give you a bonus! Crack the big groups for big bonuses and little help from above. Careful where you tap, bad moves add up as the clock clicks down.

Color Virusandroid

You control one corner of the board, but your ambitions are far greater.  Spread across the board as efficiently as you can.  Each board completion gives you more moves, but even those will run out soon.  Quick moves give a bonus.  Pay attention to the timer squares that change colour every 4 seconds, they can make or break you.

Ace 10android

Where would we be without a card game, one of the staples of the casual gaming world.  Ace 10 is all about clearing the board.  Remove cards from the board by adding cards up to 11 (Aces are worth 1).  Quick moves give more points, but so does having cards left in the deck.  The higher up the board you go, the more points you get.

What is Skill Gaming

Skill Gaming is a game where the outcome is solely determined by the player's skill at the game. Our skill gaming platform allows players to enter cash tournaments where skill, score, and rank is transformed into a cash prize.

With our simple, addictive games, anyone can play and practice to their heart's content.  Our system does not rely on manipulative pay walls or any freemium tactics.  Just play the game!  When you're ready, enter a cash tournament and see how your skills stack up.

In Foosler tournaments, the entry fees range from $0.10 to $5, players are matched with other players of a similar skill level, and the top 3rd in every tournament wins a cash prize greater than their entry fee.